Letter to the Editor: The climate wars continue

DEAR News Of The Area,

JUST when you thought Australia’s climate wars were over, here go the Nationals into another round.

The Coalition that couldn’t land an energy policy in nine years has a half-baked idea to build a nuclear power station somewhere along the coast.

If elected, they will axe the targets for reducing pollution and building renewable energy, taking us out of the Paris Agreement which aims to keep temperature rise to below 2°C above global temperatures about 100 years ago, to keep us safe.

We must do our fair share.

Australia is on track to meet 2030 targets.

Without government commitment investment to fund the energy transition will go elsewhere, undermining business confidence.

Building a nuclear power station is a pipe dream.

A very big pipe given the amount of sea water needed for cooling.

The cost of nuclear will inevitably result in higher electricity prices to recoup the investment.

Low-cost wind and solar will be shunned by the Nationals if they get back.

2045 is the earliest a nuclear plant can be finished.

Until then coal power stumbles on with blackouts.

No mention of nuclear waste.

What worries me is that if the world does not act on climate change we will be living through late stage human civilisation.

We can stop this madness by voting against them.

We will have an opportunity at the next election to vote for an independent candidate who is committed to genuine action on climate and energy.

Grasp it for all your future is worth.

Port Macquarie.

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