Letter to the Editor: What a waste!

DEAR News Of The Area,

I OFTEN walk my dog around the Jetty and every now and then tourists have stopped me to inquire about the beautiful well designed building opposite the South Solitary Island Lighthouse Optic.

Well what can I say except I know it’s there, still an empty space, planless and it has been like this for over six months now.

I went as far as calling Coffs Harbour Council to find out why this space was still unused?

I also mentioned in its early construction there was a promo stating that this space was a community project.

I was told the space will remain empty until tenure, possibly meaning there is the question of rental prices being so high that we see empty shops and buildings all over the place.

It still remains a mystery to me, as I am sure it does to others who live in this harbour locale.

What a pity!

What a waste… no bums on seats, this community project, denying people this ambient beachside restaurant or cafe to enjoy.

Aloisia V FENYES,
Coffs Harbour.

One thought on “Letter to the Editor: What a waste!

  1. Typical political ploy to be seen to be doing great community projects when if fact they are wasting money. Eg. The boat ramp, this Vendetta building and the green monster in town. Total waste of taxpayer money against commonsense and the wishes of the majority. Ditto now the foreshore development going the same way of minority self serving interests

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