Live! Live! Live! At Baptist Church in Tea Gardens for Carols


I’m always keen to talk about Live! Live! Live! So here’s the latest goss.

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Normally there is no concert in December, but this year there will be.

As some of you will know, these free concerts and afternoon teas are put on by the Baptist Church in Tea Gardens.

Normally they are held on the third Thursday of each month from February to November. So well you might ask, “Why are they having one in December this year?” Great question, and here’s the answer.

Each year the Baptist Church puts on a Carols Night at their church, where we can all go along and sing Carols.

This year there is going to be a Community Carols Night put on by other people, so the church decided to do something different. I was told by a member of the Church, “We like doing Carols, so we thought this year we might do a special Christmas version of Live! Live! Live! in December. We’ll use both of the bands that normally play, that’s New Start and Sage. We’ll be doing some of our normal, secular repertoire, but mostly we’ll do carols that people can sing along with.”

“You beauty!” I thought, “I’ll be in that.”

If you haven’t been to Live! Live! Live! they are great shows, especially for us older people (I was born in the 40s).

They are totally free, with marvellous afternoon tea. The Christmas one should be great – I love singing Carols.

It will start at 2PM and finish at 4PM, on Thursday 19 December.

Maybe I’ll see you there.


By Rockin’ ROBIN

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