Living Through Grief community support group meeting at Karuah RSL

GRIEF comes in many forms, and it is often helpful to have someone to talk to about it.

The new ‘Living Through Grief’ group, set up by Lee Clayton and Helenna Anderson, is one such opportunity, meeting every second Friday at 10:30am in the Boardroom at Karuah RSL.

With the first meeting back in late May, Lee and Helenna’s initiative was sparked upon learning that others had asked around for such a group to talk to, but turned up nothing regular.

“We started it as we think there is a need for people to have a safe place to talk about their grief and loss,” Lee told News Of The Area.

“People who have come said it’s a really good thing to have a place to share and listen to others’ stories, too.”

Lee’s father, James Clayton, who was recently featured in the NOTA upon his 100th birthday, recently passed away in Tea Gardens, a loss felt by many.

People can come to the group to talk in a safe and comfortable setting with some general input provided by Helenna and Lee, who both have experience in counselling.

Lee emphasises that it is not intended as a professional counselling session, and there is no need to commit to any sort of regular appearance.

“Just a place where people can come, share their stories, be listened to, reflect on what’s happening, and have some human interaction.”

People may not wish to burden their closest friends and relatives with their grief, but keeping it inside is not healthy, either.

“Karuah RSL is honoured to be able to support Living Through Grief to help members of our community lessen the burden of grief and loss – supporting great volunteer organisations such as these aligns with the core values that our Club prides itself on,” Chris Fraser, General Manager of Karuah RSL told NOTA.

The next meeting of the Living Through Grief group will be on 23 June, and following fortnightly thereafter.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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