Local artists unveil new works in exhibitions at Bellingen’s Nexus Gallery

Sue Gorrell’s artwork, ‘The Way Beyond’ in the Come Aboard exhibition at Nexus’ Main Gallery.

PERSONAL stories have seeded the creation of artworks at the new exhibitions showing at Nexus Gallery, Bellingen.

The official opening welcomes visitors at 2pm Sunday 16 July, with a month-long show closing on Friday 11 August.

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In the main gallery local artists Sue Gorrell and Tim Hixson present works under the exhibition title ‘Come Aboard’.

It’s all about boats.

Sue Gorrell told News Of The Area, “if an approximate definition of an ‘artist’ could be, say: one journeying inwardly to then express their honest and best truth outwardly, why then is it a label worth claiming?”

“Actually, the more exact term for myself though, would be: ‘An opportunistic scavenger/jury rigger’,” she said.

“This puts me in good company with many quite wonderful members of our vast and varied animal kingdom.

“It is that sense of belonging that settles my spirit and sets me off to wander through the bits and pieces that have been my entertainment for the last 20 years.”

Sue’s creation of ships for her ‘The Way’ series has joined her with those individuals, of like mind, “giving me such great joy”, she said.

Tim Hixson shared the inspiration of his exhibits.

“‘Build a Boat’ was the initial title of this series of found objects photographed in my home studio at Avalon Beach. “This idea was conceived after I was diagnosed with cancer.

“I needed some way of managing my fears and fatalistic thoughts and developed the concept of imagined vessels corresponding to the various stages of my personal crisis,” he said.

“After a successful operation I was able to complete the series.

“I came across Sue Gorrell’s amazing work whilst visiting Bellingen last year and in our subsequent meetings realised the many coincidences in our arts practice and our personal lives and readily agreed to Come Aboard,” he said.

In the Studio Gallery Jim Hood presents a one-man exhibition, ‘Random Acts of Art’.

“After many years working at the Australian Museum where I made models of everything from octopus to Tyrannosaurus Rex, I retired to Bellingen,” Jim told NOTA.

“With this background as a professional model maker and sculptor, I have picked up many techniques.”

Jim’s exhibition showcases a variety of artwork in which techniques such as collage, assemblage, moulding and casting have been used.

Pieces range from large driftwood and found object sculptures to intricate collages using replicas of unusual items.

An antique box opens to reveal a collection of miniature scrolls, books and artefacts.

“Whimsical forms of transport and weird faces add to this showcase of my work.

“Is it metal?

“Is it marble?

“I like to suspend your disbelief,” he said.


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