Locals dig in to revive iconic Mambo Wetlands Reserve corner with native flora

Guy Innes digging in during some downtime at the Mambo Wetlands Reserve.


WHILE the world’s problems with the pandemic seem to endlessly roll on with political, economical and social instability it’s easy to forget to take a deep breath and look at the trees sometimes.

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For Guy Innes and some environmentally conscious Port Stephens’ constituents that’s exactly what they’re doing to ensure that their backyards aren’t neglected in the process.

Guy and his crew have been busy of late tending to the Mambo Wetlands Reserve site to help regenerate some of the native vegetation along the frontlines on the corner of Port Stephens and Foreshore Drive.

“As most people know the community has had a real battle on their hands over many years to ensure this site wasn’t going to be lost to development,” said Guy.

“Finally the government rightly capitulated to the sentiments of the residents and with the abundance of wildlife and native plant varieties here it’s an area that needs to be celebrated more.

“The concentration of birdlife here per square metre is more than Kakadu and it’s right bang in the middle of our town.
“We’ve got to give it the respect it deserves!”

When Guy noticed that a lot of vehicle and foot traffic was starting to encroach on the iconic corner he grabbed himself a shovel, a few mates and sourced some native flora to rejuvenate the area.

“We’re just trying to do what we can in our little corner of the world and I think if we all do that we’re going to leave a better place for generations to come,” said Guy.

“I found myself with a lot more spare time on my hands because of the pandemic and what better way to give back to the area.”

Guy believes that it won’t just directly benefit the environment and immediate community, but will also help drive a more sustainable tourism industry in the future.

“It’s pretty amazing what we have here in Port Stephens,” says Guy.

“We have an incredible abundance of marine life, marsupials, birdlife and more.

“If we nurture and protect it right now it’s only going to give more people an opportunity to be a part of it in years to come.”


By Mitch LEES


Plants going in to buffer the encroaching traffic on Mambo Wetlands Reserve corner.

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