MarketPlace Raymond Terrace Showcasing Schools During Education Week 6-10 August 2019

Colleen Mulholland-Ruiz (centre) with her Centre Management team Stewart Murrell (left) and Laura Carrol (right) dressed up for last week’s PBL awards.


MARKETPLACE Raymond Terrace continues to support local schools through its weekly student awards program, PBL.

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Education Week is also a focus and opportunity to showcase the wonderful local schools.

From Monday 6 to Friday 10 August, schools will showcase their talented students to the general public.

Supporting the schools will be MarketPlace Raymond Terrace.

The popular shopping centre sponsors the buses for all the school children who perform during Education Week.

News Of The Area spoke with Centre Manager and Marketing Manager, Ms Colleen Mulholland-Ruiz who said, “What we find is that not everyone can come along to Education Week in the schools, so we try to showcase the talented student here in the Centre.”

“When the children do the performances here, it is an opportunity for the wider public to see it also.”

“Mums and Dads don’t always get the opportunity to see what their children are doing in the schools, the families get so excited to see their children performing.”

“This year, we have bands, dancing groups, drama, singing, and storytelling.”

“It can bring the school children out of their comfort zone by performing in public and help them grow as well.”

“On the last day Irrawang High School students showcase the arts”

When asked why MarketPlace is so committed to showcasing education, Ms Mulholland-Ruiz quotes the well known song lyrics, “The children are our future; teach them well and let them lead the way.”

“Education is not just in the school, it’s in the community and at home.”

“It is important for the community to support children”

Ms Mulholland-Ruiz “We didn’t realise the effect the impact of the weekly PBL awards would have on the children and their families.”

“I have always been really passionate about education”

Marketplace will be celebrating their 21st birthday this November.

“We are proud to be part of the community on all levels.”

“We have a strong partnership with our sporting clubs, schools, and services.”

“And, in return the community supports us as well by shopping locally, therefore we are able to give back to the community.”

A full list of Education Week activities can be found at: 


By Heather SHARP

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