Masking Time – A Covid inspired poem by Bulahdelah’s Mark ‘The Leprechaun’ Smyth


IT’S time for robbing banks some say
While wearing masks – the law
The crooks they think should have a ball
With every bank they saw.

That’s not the case of course you know
Are the cops right on their job?
Well no – not so the reason is
There are no banks to rob.

For now we all must wear a mask
Or risk a hefty fine
Have the powers that be, gone overboard?
It wouldn’t be the first time.

Some just don’t want to take a chance
And maybe gone too far
Driving all alone it seems,
With a mask on in their car.

But let’s not be facetious
Or like the one who knocks
There could be a good reason
If one thinks outside the box

When it’s not that far from where we are
To one’s next port of call
It’s quicker in the long run
Not to take it off at all.

Think twice before you ‘knock’ things
And just stay with the flow
If it beats the dreaded virus
It will be worth the go.


By Mark ‘The Leprechaun’ SMYTH

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