Masters surfers rip in at Birubi

Mitchell Dawkings attacking the lip in the O45 Men’s Final. Photo: Bosko/Surfing NSW.

THE 2024 Volkswagen NSW Port Stephens Surf Master’s State Titles wrapped up on Friday 31 May after five outstanding days of competition at Birubi Beach.

The conditions challenged some athletes throughout the week, starting off early with some swell and slowly getting slower and smaller until finals day.

In the end it was patience and wave selection that gave those finalists the edge over others.

Local surfers Dean Shaw (O60 Men’s) and Mitchell Dawkings (O45 and O40 Men’s) both came away with gold in their respective divisions.

“Me and Mitch have just won two state titles, bringing it home for Port Stephens,” Dean said.

“We’re both just over the moon to win here at home.

“I haven’t had a win for about thirteen years and this one’s more special than ever.”

Following his second win of the competition, Mitchell spoke of his lifetime in the water.

“I’ve been doing this since I was about twelve,” he said.

“I think the ocean has got all the answers to life.

“It’s my happy place.

“It’s where I turn off.

“Can’t have my phone on me or nothing!

“I just love it.

“I don’t think I’ve had a bad surf in years, I paddle out and I just enjoy every moment of it.”

In the women’s side of the draw, Susan Levett, the competition’s oldest female entrant, turned heads with her performances.

Despite the fact that she was the only O60’s female competitor to sign up, meaning she automatically took home the crown, she paddled out with the O50’s and secured a second spot closely behind Belinda Koorey.

“I drove to Port Stephens by myself from North Steyne just to compete here at the State Titles,” said Sue.

“I try to surf as much as I can, I find it keeps me young and I love it!”


O35 Men’s Final

1st – Christo Hall

2nd – Paul Snow

3rd – Luke Hazelgrove

4th – Declan Lee Smith

O35 Women’s Final

1st – Talina Wilson

2nd – Catherine Craig

3rd – Belinda Koorey

4th – Audrey Hills

O40 Men’s Final

1st – Mitchell Dawkings

2nd – Paul Snow

3rd – Christo Hall

4th – Shane Conwell

O45 Men’s Final

1st – Mitchell Dawkings

2nd – Paul Snow

3rd – Jeremy Cohen

4th – Paul O’Connor

O50 Men’s Final

1st – Ricky Marshall

2nd – Jay McKenzie

3rd – Dale Thomas

4th – Scott Schindler

O55 Men’s Final

1st – Glen Valaire

2nd – Michael Callender

3rd – John Mccorquodale

4th – Ged Cook

O60 Men’s Final

1st – Dean Shaw

2nd – Ged Cook

3rd – Rod Baldwin

4th – Andrew Johnson

O50/O60 Women’s Final

1st – Belinda Koorey

2nd – Susan Levett

3rd – Fiona Bamberry

4th – Greta Francis

5th – Tash Gee

O65 Men’s Final

1st – Paul Lupton

2nd – Brenton Schuet

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