Bull Throttle Show draws crowds for thrilling evening in Wauchope

A bull rider gives it his all at the Bull Throttle event.

THE Wauchope showground was brimming with excitement as it played host to Bull Throttle, an evening of rodeo and freestyle motocross family fun.

The event, which drew visitors from across the region, proved to be a resounding success with lines of eager ticket holders stretching up the street, all waiting to pass through the gates.

The festivities kicked off with pre-show entertainment from singer Teak Fairfull, setting a lively tone for the evening.

Families enjoyed a variety of attractions, including jumping castles for kids and an array of food and drink options from food trucks and the event’s licensed bar, providing something for everyone.

Local Camden Haven resident Jake Thrash, who attended the event with his family and friends, shared his enthusiasm with News Of The Area.

“We saw the event advertised on Facebook and thought it would be a great night out with the kids and it didn’t disappoint,” Jake said.

As the feature event was due to begin, attendees stood proudly for the National Anthem, marking the official start of the show.

The crowd’s anticipation was palpable as the daredevil motocross riders were introduced.

These skilled performers thrilled the audience with spectacular jumps, earning cheers and applause with each daring leap.

Next came the main event – bull riding.

The crowd roared in support of the courageous riders, each one risking it all in the ring.

The bulls themselves were a sight to behold, with one particularly cheeky bull flicking sand into the crowd, much to their delight.

Overall, the feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, solidifying the Bull Throttle show as a highlight on the local event calendar.

A representative from the Bull Throttle team told News Of The Area, “The event was a huge success, and we had all round positive feedback from the community.

“Based on the overwhelming response we will be making plans to come back next year.”

The combination of high-octane entertainment, family-friendly activities, and a welcoming atmosphere ensured that everyone had a night to remember.


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