Councillors discuss Lake Cathie management and future plans

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council performing the ‘berm scrape’. Photo: Alex McNaught.

THE management of Lake Cathie was under the microscope at Council’s 16 May meeting, following the completion of a ‘berm scrape’ on 3 May aimed at flood mitigation.

Councillor Danielle Maltman rose to speak during the meeting on the Lake Cathie Natural Resource Management Monthly Update report.

She highlighted progress on natural resource management projects within Lake Innes, Lake Cathie and Cathie Creek.

Cr Maltman emphasised the importance of the Hydrodynamics Modelling report, presented to Council on May 9, and expressed anticipation for its full release to the community.

“I look forward to accessing this full report when it’s made available and thank Council staff for continuing to make this report available to our community,” she stated.

Mayor Peta Pinson underscored the extensive efforts and challenges in managing Lake Cathie.

“If ever there was a water body in our region that has received so much attention, it would be this lake.

“Council has done its utmost over many years in trying to manage what is really proving to be unmanageable for various different reasons,” the Mayor remarked.

She also highlighted the significant potential benefits of reconnecting Lake Innes with Cathie Creek, restoring the system to its original state.

Cr Lipovac, with support from Cr Lauren Edwards, recommended that Council note the Lake Cathie Entrance Management report on the recent berm scrape.

This recommendation was unanimously carried by all councillors.

Cr Lipovac praised the efforts of staff, community groups, and individuals adhering to management regulations.

Cr Edwards noted the increased community understanding and accurate information sharing.

Cr Rachel Sheppard acknowledged the contributions of Revive Lake Cathie, a local group playing a key role in disseminating information.

Lake Cathie’s entrance is opened based on several environmental and regulatory conditions outlined in the Lake Cathie Entrance Opening Strategy.

These include continuous monitoring of water levels, salinity checks, and consultations with the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Department of Primary Industries – Fisheries.

Public notification and optimal timing during suitable runout tides are also crucial.


The Lake entrance, open to the sea in the days following. Photo: Alex McNaught.

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