Mayor’s Letter on Special Rate Rise



Dear News Of The Area,

AS a proud Port Stephens local I know first-hand the frustration this area has felt over the years waiting for change. I know that our community aren’t prepared to keep waiting for transformational change.

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As Council, we have listened to what our community want. They want projects that future-proof Port Stephens, providing more opportunities for our children to continue to work, live, play and grow. They want us to deliver safer roads, more path and cycleways, revitalised town centres, better sports and community facilities and to improve drainage around our resident’s homes. The type of projects that will change the face of Port Stephens forever, delivered across the next 10 plus years.

To complete this for our community, we need to look at increasing our income. We continue to apply for grants and lobby both State and Federal Governments for support, but this will always be far from enough. We understand that affordability is a key issue for our residents, that’s why we are introducing a new Rates Assistance Program to provide relief for some of our community’s most financially vulnerable. Partnering with local welfare organisations, the program aims to connect our community with easy access to financial assistance and support.

Far from unnecessary, without this increase, our projects backlog will continue to grow. Our community will continue to wait.

We as Council firmly believe that the people of Port Stephens have waited long enough. Now is the time – it’s Our future. Our Port Stephens.

Ryan Palmer
Mayor of Port Stephens

One thought on “Mayor’s Letter on Special Rate Rise

  1. Once again our Mayor, along with most of the council demonstrates a breathtakingly arrogant view of what Port Stephens wants. Submissions made to council at the start of this SRV process were overwhelmingly against the rate increases proposed, and indeed, the poll attached to this very page currently shows 90% of respondents against this. Despite this, you still believe you know best.

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