Medowie Community Hall park facilities destroyed by vandals

Just one of the benches destroyed at the park adjacent to Medowie Community Hall.
Just one of the benches destroyed at the park adjacent to Medowie Community Hall.


NOTHING is more frustrating than hearing the complaints of residents saying that Medowie misses out on improvements, funding, amenities and the like, and then arriving for a picnic at one of our local parks to find the seating destroyed yet again and the grounds littered with rubbish.

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The gardens and playground adjacent to the Medowie Community Hall are a well used facility, complete with our only public toilet, yet it is an area that is constantly vandalised, littered with rubbish and mistreated.

Several parks in Medowie, and countless roads and grassed areas, have been vandalised in recent months, infuriating residents who tirelessly work in community groups to keep them nice for our children and other residents.

Medowie has been lucky to receive large pockets of funding in the last 18 months to improve roads, amenities and facilities, yet the cries from social media that Medowie is always left without continue.

There are many areas in Medowie that need attention, as most suburbs in Port Stephens could also argue.

However, it is difficult to continue to put our hand out for money to be spent on our beautiful little town, when it appears a select few members of our community could not care less about caring for amenities and facilities we have been gifted.

The vandals destroying our parks, gardens and other community areas are only ensuring that funds need to be wasted repairing their damage instead of being spent where it is so desperately needed in other areas of our community.

Geoff Dingle, who serves on a number of committees that meet in the Community Hall, told News Of The Area, “The Medowie Community Centre Recreation park belongs to every Medowie resident, it’s the most popular social meeting location in Medowie and we are outraged it’s been repeatedly damaged.”

“Medowie residents find it difficult to understand why irrational and irresponsible vandals want to trash their own property, repeatedly.”

“Someone has seen this happen, Medowie residents need to report this antisocial behaviour and the culprits to the authorities, we really don’t have to put up with this,” he said.

“Make the choice, what sort of community do you want to live in?”


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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