Medowie Neighbourhood Watch is set to relaunch

Cr Geoff Dingle is calling for interested people for the relaunched Medowie Neighbourhood Watch.
Cr Geoff Dingle is calling for interested people for the relaunched Medowie Neighbourhood Watch.


NEIGHBOURHOOD Watch was an initiative that was run actively in towns Australia wide, for the better part of the 80s and 90s.

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Long term Medowie residents will remember the successful and passionate team of residents and community members that ran the Medowie Neighbourhood Watch, and associated Safety House program right up until 2009.

Medowie’s Neighbourhood Watch Committee was the last NHW committee to operate formally in the Port Stephens area with local police support.

Medowie’s committee had viable numbers, met regularly and had proved its value in providing intelligence to the local police.

They were responsible for hosting community workshops, covering diverse issues including seatbelt child restraints, motor vehicle security, household security and after hours’ safety walks.

It was a shame to see the program fold, but there is potential for a revisit to the days of the old Medowie Neighbourhood Watch with a Port Stephens Councillor and several community members keen to get the group happening again.

Geoff Dingle, a member of the original Medowie Neighbourhood Watch, was moved to enquire at the recent Community Engagement Meeting with Port Stephens police about his thoughts on the group being reformed.

Cr Dingle called upon the Port Stephens police for their support in doing so, and was assured by members of the police force present that this would be a given.

Cr Dingle told News Of The Area, “I have recently spoke to Bill Hackney, who chairs the Metford Neighbourhood Watch program, and is the Hunter coordinator.”

“They run a very successful program there, and it would be wonderful to see something equally successful back up and running in Medowie to combat crime statistics.”

You may register your interest in joining the relaunch for the Medowie Neighbourhood Watch by calling Cr Geoff Dingle on 0412374990.

Be a part of the change you would like to see in your community.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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