Medowie Skate Park petition presented to Council

Emma Townsend and her son, Jack who initiated the Medowie Skate Park plans, with Councillor Jason Wells. Photo: Cr Leah Anderson.

A PETITION regarding Medowie Skate Park has been received by Port Stephens Council.

The petition was filed by Medowie Skate and Scoot, with 1277 signatures requesting that a new Skate Park be built in the Medowie Town Centre at 38 Ferodale Road.

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An existing skate park is located at 26 Grey Gum Street, adjacent to the Medowie Tennis Courts, Boyd Oval and the residence at 49 Ferodale Road, however the Skate Park is of an outdated design and in average condition.

Council recently completed minor upgrades at the site, including refurbishing the basketball half court and installing new pathways and park furniture.

Mr John Maretich, Asset Section Manager for Port Stephens Council says that at this point in time, there is no provision for a new Medowie Skate Park in Council’s adopted 10-Year Capital Works Program or Works Plan Plus.

“A Place Plan for Medowie is currently being developed in consultation with the Medowie community.

“The Plan aims to comprehensively consider the needs and desires of the Medowie community and identify the best use of the land at 38 Ferodale Road.

“The land at 38 Ferodale Road was acquired, and a possible future use is the establishment of a District Park,” Mr Maretich said.

The Council has identified that a Skate Park would be a suitable facility within a District Park in accordance with the recommendations of Council’s adopted Recreation Strategy 2018.

“Should a Skate Park be constructed at 38 Ferodale Road the existing Skate Park would be demolished,” Mr Maretich said.

The Medowie Skate and Scoot Skate Park petition was created by a young Medowie resident, Jack Townsend, who at eleven years old, asked his mother what he could about the Skate Park in Medowie.

A few busy weeks after Jack’s question, Medowie Skate and Scoot reached 1277 signatures on the petition.

His mother, Emma Townsend, spoke to the Council during Public Access before the meeting, noting that the demand for a new Skate Park is high within residents of Medowie.

“The 1277 people who have signed the petition are in this room in the Council Chambers, crowding into the building, spilling onto the footpath and stepping out onto the road,” she said, “1277 people and we all want one thing – we all want a new Skate Park in the Medowie Town Centre.

Emma said that Medowie Skate and Scoot are asking for written authority from the Port Stephens Council to begin fundraising on behalf of Council for the new Skate Park in the Town Centre.

“My son Jack didn’t know it, but he started a legacy by asking ‘what can I do to make a big difference for kids in Medowie?’ and answering that by building a new Skate Park in the Town Centre will be that legacy,” she said.

The Council did not make any decisions regarding the status of the Skate Park at the meeting, however it was noted that discussion is currently underway for the Medowie Place Plan, which will hear from residents in the area regarding the future of Medowie.


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