Medowie Sports Centre announces next stage of redevelopment

Sarah Fitz-Gerald and Cameron Dalley on the Medowie Courts still adorned with games of the past!
Sarah Fitz-Gerald and Cameron Dalley on the Medowie Courts still adorned with games of the past!

Medowie Sports Centre have officially kicked off work on the new section of their stage-by-stage redevelopment of the Ferodale complex.

Earlier in the year, News Of The Area reported on the opening of ‘Plus Fitness 24/7’ gym, Medowie Munchkins Creche and Sportz Café within the Medowie Sports Centre.

Next on the line of exciting new ventures for the centre is the refurbishment and renovation of the original Medowie Squash Courts.

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News Of The Area met with management and guests at the opening of works on the courts.

The refurbishment of the original courts is in good hands, a Melbourne based company ‘CourtTech’, who have had a wealth of experience, is not only overhauling the courts, but will be playing a hand in continued development of the sport of Squash in Medowie.

The CourtTech company ( is the only agents in Oceania who can build or renovate courts using a new technology to give back longevity to the courts.

CourtTech is owned by club player Cameron Dalley and Sarah Fitz-Gerald, who brings with her a wealth of experience, and an impressive achievement list in the sport of Squash.

Sarah is a five-time World Champion, Commonwealth Games medallist and World Masters Champion, among other titles and awards.

Sarah has been playing since she was 6, professionally since she was 18, a Sports Australia Hall of Fame member, and a former member of the AIS and VIC Institute of Sport.

Sarah and Cameron will be playing an ambassador role with the new Courts, and hope to visit Medowie a few times a year to meet with young athletes and run training days.

Colin Carter, the Medowie Sports Centre Owner, is looking forward to the courts opening, as well as a number of further developments and facilities coming in the next 12 months.

These new facilities will include, but are not limited to, a pool and training spaces that will be available to local trainers to run classes in any number of sports and disciplines.

Centre manager, Steve Bentley, told News Of The Area, “We are looking forward to providing a healthy lifestyle service for Medowie that caters to everyone’s needs.”

“Our slogan is Live Life Healthy, and we are moving forward with that solely in mind.”
News Of The Area will keep up to date with developments in the Centre.

By Rachael VAUGHAN

One thought on “Medowie Sports Centre announces next stage of redevelopment

  1. This sports complex is great. What a fantastic venue for Medowie.
    Gym, crèche, cafe and now squash courts, can’t imagine how amazing this place will be once the pool is open and the car park is complete.
    How wonderful that the owner has thought about the local community and provided us with these facilities. Thanks Colin and Steve and the gym and cafe owners.

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