Medowie students share performing talent in Newcastle production

Xavier, Adelaide, Sam, Elizabeth and Flynn.

TWO Medowie students have taken to the stage in the Young People’s Theatre (YPT) production of A Pocketful of Stories, an exciting, original musical written by talented author Claire Thomas, with songs by Glenda Price and orchestration by Alexandra McCann.

A Pocketful of Stories has been running since August 26 at the YPT in Hamilton, continuing until September 9.

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Xavier Vaughan and Elizabeth Kilday, both in year 5, are representing Port Stephens in the production.

Xavier attends Wirreanda Public school in Medowie and Elizabeth travels to Stockton to attend St Peter’s.

“I love being in A Pocketful of Stories!” Xavier said.

“Six months ago, I was far less confident in trying new things.

“YPT has helped me to be more confident about who I am and to give anything a go!

“When I read about the role of the caterpillar, I just knew it was what I wanted to audition for.

“It has been the most fun ever!” he said.

Elizabeth expressed her thanks to the team of directors and volunteers whose work allows the show to happen.
“I have had so much fun!” she said.

“I am so thankful.

“This show is so much fun to be a part of and I am so excited to be doing my first stage show!”

This production is particularly special for YPT, as it has been entirely devised by talented alumni who have grown up and trained within the organisation.

The playwright, Claire Thomas, began her time at YPT at the age of ten and never left, remaining an integral part of the family and evolving into a beloved tutor and Theatre School Coordinator. The music composer, Glenda Price and her family have been an integral part of the organisation for generations.

She was once a YPT student and now has children and grandchildren attending.

Even Alex McCann, music orchestrator, began as a student, going on to Musical Direct productions as an adult.

“While putting this script together, I could visualise a group of energetic young performers bringing the characters to life in their own fun and clever ways,” said playwright Claire Thomas.

“For me, the cast represents the inner workings of a creative mind – once the author gets an idea – the ensemble takes off with it, like bees buzzing around a flower garden!

“With gorgeous music by Glenda and Alex, the audience won’t have any choice but to bop about in their seats.”

The young directing team, all of whom are former students and now tutors for YPT’s theatre school, bring their passion and dedication to create an unforgettable experience.

“A Pocketful of Stories has been so special to direct.

“Getting to work on a brand new piece, written by someone who is an integral part of YPT is such an amazing opportunity, and the cast and team just make it that much more amazing.

“The kids in the cast continue to amaze me, with their talent and commitment to bringing these stories to life.”

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