Medowie and Tilligerry meet the candidates


WITH the September local council elections coming up, the townships of Medowie and Tilligerry are invited to a community candidates forum being held in their respective local venues.

Medowie Progress Association will host their candidates night first, at Medowie Community Hall on Monday 7 August, commencing at 7:30pm.

Of particular significance during speeches, candidates will be asked to speak on the implementation of the Medowie Strategy, incorporating Town Centre Master Plan, Affordable Housing, Rezonings and Flood Inundation as the key themes of the forum; along with time for each candidate to address our community on their personal platforms.

There will also be time for a general ‘Q&A’ forum.

President of the Medowie Progress Association, John Donahoo told News Of The Area, “We encourage our community to attend and ask questions of the candidates who have put themselves forward to be our future mayor and councillors.”

“It is important we have a good understanding of what it is each candidate stands for, and what their vision for Port Stephens includes.”

Tilligerry Community Association will host their Meet the Candidates evening on Monday 14 August at 7pm at the Tilligerry Habitat.

The Tilligerry community particularly will be interested in the various issues facing their town.

Some key areas that will be covered include new councillor support for the planned roundabout at the southern end of Avenue of the Allies, plans for road reconstruction and maintenance, protection of bushland and bike path construction.

Having heard from the candidates, there will be time for questions, which will give locals the chance to air their own concerns.

Bay Marshall from the Tilligerry Association told News Of The Area, “Council has always been about more than `roads, rates and rubbish’.”

“Research still says that local government is the part of our government that the community most interacts with and trusts, so this is your chance to shape our future.”

“We urge everyone to come along to help us ensure that the next council is accountable, transparent and involved in our community,” he said.

“The best councils we had over years were those with balance; individuals and party groups prepared to work together from different directions perhaps for the not so common good,” he added.


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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