Mick Maley produces ‘plan for discussion’ on Jetty Foreshores development

Mick Maley’s response to Mayor Paul Amos’ call for opinions on the proposed Jetty Foreshores revitalisation plan is another plan for discussion.

LONG-TIME Coffs Harbour resident and community volunteer Mick Maley has responded to Mayor Paul Amos’ call for opinions on what the community would like to see happen to the Coffs Jetty Precinct.

Cr Amos shared a ‘Community Plan’ for the Jetty Foreshores in the November 11, 2022 edition of News Of The Area to generate discussion.

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After consulting with many community members over the last six months, Mick has produced a close-to-scale ‘plan for discussion’ which summarises all the ideas and suggestions that many local residents have provided.

“Many of those community members who shared their opinions with me have expressed dissatisfaction with the whole process of the community surveys that have been conducted by the State Government,” Mick told News Of The Area.

“All the surveys have pushed the building of accommodation, both tourist and permanent, and have not asked the question ‘Do you want accommodation – Yes or No?’.

“Most community members I have spoken to are more than happy to have a few different buildings such as cafes and restaurants etc.

“Why not have the Coffs City Tourist Information Centre as part of the Jewel in the Crown?” Mick suggested.

“There are a few ideas that are not drawn on, as it would make the plan look too congested,” he said.

They include a fence running along the railway line with a garden bed also running along the fence on the eastern side and a few more BBQ areas, shade areas, trees and gardens.

“We as a community should be very worried when we see the State Government that is having all sorts of trouble with the Jetty Boat Ramp is also handling the revitalisation of the Foreshores area.

“If the State Government gets this wrong, we the community are stuck with it forever,” he said.

Mick reflected on the expression that is much used to promote the Coffs Jetty Foreshores, the ‘Jewel in the Crown of Coffs Harbour’.

“Why do we want to destroy what we have got; should we not be looking after and promoting it as a beautiful green area for the whole community and not just for a few kings and queens?”

Member for Coffs Harbour Gurmesh Singh told NOTA, “There is a strong community desire to improve the Jetty Foreshores and if you ask 100 people, you’re likely to get 150 different opinions on what they’d like to see in that precinct.

“That’s why the State Government embarked on a three year consultation process that resulted in the most comprehensive survey of exactly what people wanted to see – with each question clearly asking for support or opposition.

“The feedback from the community is reflected in the Refined Masterplan that sees an increase in open space, more parking, and some built form to enable the economic and cultural activity that people are missing in that precinct.

Further opportunities for feedback will be available during the ongoing planning process,” he said.

Independent candidate for the upcoming state election, Sally Townley, has responded to Mick’s request for feedback on his ‘plan for discussion’.

“The Jetty Foreshores is first and foremost a public recreational area and this plan enhances the existing values,” she said.

“More playgrounds and pathways bring more opportunities for enjoying the wider area.

“Cafes and galleries located in the western edge are a sensible design response, as are more parking nodes along the railway line.

“This plan would not require a rezoning, unlike the large-scale residential conversion that has been put forward by Property and Development NSW.

“This plan maximises open space and retains a feel of everyone belonging.”

Coffs Harbour Labor candidate Tony Judge has also provided Mick with feedback.

“There is so much community interest in the Jetty Foreshores.

“It is an important and much loved asset of the Coffs Coast.

“Mr Maley’s proposal is similar to others that I have seen, in that it seeks to capitalise on the recreational value of the Jetty Foreshores without the NSW Government’s unpopular residential development.

“I have spent a lot of time listening to locals and discussing their wishes for the Foreshores.

“What I hear, time and time again, is a variety of views on whether we should have restaurants, bars and cafes, but almost no support for residential development.

“I will be advocating for a solution that respects the real views of the Coffs community.”

The ‘Jetty Foreshores – Let’s Own Our Future’ Facebook page is a place community members can provide constructive ideas with regards to the plan presented here by Mick Maley.

“Please let me know what you think,” closed Mick.


Pinned to his kitchen wall, Mick Maley has Cr Paul Amos’ Jetty Foreshores Community Plan as a reminder to share his views.

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