MidCoast Council Roundup with Cr Len Roberts from Tea Gardens

Len Roberts


I have had people ask me questions about various matters. I thought I would share them with you.

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The singing Bridge is 50 years old and not fit for purpose.
It is actually only 42 years old and has not been maintained for 14 years and the PA has been lobbying for maintenance in that time. We seem to have broken through and expect Council to announce soon the results of an investigation and the advice form the Traffic Committee. Council is exploring all options including additions. NBN did a wonderful factual story on the matter and I paste the link below. The journalist is from this town and was in attendance at the official opening of the bridge. I must disagree re not fit for purpose comment. The bridge is fit for purpose, structurally sound and there is no concern over its longevity. It requires maintenance and modification to allow for increased bicycle, pedestrian and mobility scooter use.


The Community Hall is 50 years old and not fit for purpose.
The community hall is fit for purpose and a recent building report shows it to be well suited for the future. There will be need from time to time for routine maintenance and if necessary adjustment to AV for users. The removal of the old demountable and construction of a new state of art meeting room and adjustment of Carparking is what we have been lobbying for and now have the concept design and expect construction to start shortly.

The Coles/PUMA intersection – a very serious accident waiting to happen.
That is a matter that has been raised on many occasions but the traffic committee, consisting of police, RMS engineers and state member representation (council provides secretariat services) does not agree. There is nothing the community or the council can do but keep lobbying. The situation will improve if the continuation of Spinifex Avenue goes ahead.

The swimming pool is not fit for purpose.
The swimming pool is extremely well used and fit for purpose. It may not be Olympic size or heated all year round but it is still fit for use as a small outdoor swimming pool. It doe srequire routine maintenance from time to time and such maintenance was allowed to slip over the past couple of years. The community has been agitating for a hydrotherapy pool, but a report has found that it is not the way to go. It suggests a new pool to be built as soon as possible which would be heated all year round, but in the meantime refurbishment and upgrade of the facilities is warranted. Council is looking at creating a user reference group, but Covid shutdown has postponed the creation of the group.

There was $80K allocated for a feasibility study for a cycle track to be built alongside the bridge.
I have been a a councillor for some time but that is news to me. I know nothing about it. I do know that consideration is being given to the park near the Lion’s lookout to include a bicycle track.

There was a plan to build a comprehensive community centre on the vacant plot opposite the ferry landing in Tea Gardens.
I am afraid that is an urban myth. The land opposite the ferry landing is private. If the reference is to land in Myall Street it has been earmarked and has been for some time, as a carpark. The carpark was used for event parking. The plans have been completed and we are hoping council will commence construction soon. I am on council’s back about this.

There was a plan to build a relief road through the industrial estate to service Palm Lake etc..
That is simply not correct. Council had no plans to build a relief road. When the land in question was owned by the original developer, the proposal included a continuation of Spinifex avenue through to Myall Way at the existing roundabout. (which also solves the Coles intersection) It was on private land and dependent on development going ahead. As you may know the original developer was not able to proceed and sold the land to 3 different owners. Council is in discussion with the owner of the land through which the Spinifex extension was to occur to get a positive outcome to have the extension built sooner than later.

Please email len@myallcoast.net.au if you have questions you would like me to answer.

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