Million Dollar Grin for Tanilba Newsagency’s Julie Fitzgerald

Newsagent Julie Fitzgerald with that winning smile.
Newsagent Julie Fitzgerald with that winning smile.


‘WINNERS are grinners’ is an old saying and one particularly happy punter has just walked away with $1 million after sharing with three others in a $4 million Saturday Lotto win.

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The ticket was bought from Tanilba’s newsagency and it is the first time they have sold such a big prize winning ticket.

Newsagent Julie Fitzgerald told News Of The Area, “Recently, a local claimed a second division Powerball prize of $100,000 and over the years, six people have won $100,000 each in the $2 Jackpot lottery. This win was, however, the greatest by far.”

“It was good to see the $1 million won by a long-time player who is a local and a deserving person,” she said.

The winner wanted their identity kept undisclosed.



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