Moving Miniature Horses From Millers Forest Needed Big Solution

One of the Miniature horses that was rescued at Millers Forest. Photo: ABC.

WHILE the full sized horses that were stranded at Millers Forest were walked out in a massive rescue effort, a much more complicated rescue was entailed to secure three miniature horses who also became stranded due to the flood waters.

In fact the little horses needed a big solution and big machinery.

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The rescue was conducted jointly with Queensland fire crews working alongside Fire and Rescue NSW and the local SES team to get the precious miniature horses to safety.

Giacomo Arnott Deputy Captain Raymond Terrace Fire and Rescue Told News Of The Area, “Fire and Rescue NSW has several specialised in-water swiftwater rescue teams deployed in the Hunter and in other flood affected areas.

“Working with volunteers in the SES and crews from Victoria and Queensland, they have rescued local families and animals.

“Fire and Rescue NSW is prepared for anything and constantly supports communities affected by natural disaster,” he said.

The horses were sedated and moved with trucks and tractors to get them to safety.

Just as we have a plan for our animals in the event of fire, we should also have a plan for our animals for flood events.


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