Mug Shot for Tilligerry’s Geoff Davey

Geoff inspecting the pipes.
Geoff inspecting the pipes.


LOCAL plumber Geoff Davey unwittingly found a photo of himself on the side of a coffee mug recently.

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The mug was a prize in a lead awareness competition.

Readers will well remember an article on the dangers of lead poisoning.

That’s why petrol is now unleaded, paints no longer contain lead compounds and soft soldered lead fittings have been banned from drinking water supply lines.

Geoff was good enough to inspect the external pipes delivering water to our library (the home base of TACE (Tilligerry Adult and Community Education) and found that they did indeed have soft soldered ‘Yorkshire’ fittings.

The volunteers at TACE and the library now flush the taps before filling the electric jug or drinking a glass of water.

In seeking more background information News Of The Area contacted ‘The Lead Group Inc.’ which sought permission to re-run our article in one of their journals.

What’s more, they wanted to enter Geoff’s picture in the ‘Volcano Art Prize’, another lead awareness promotion.

The judges must have been impressed as a glazed ceramic mug with his picture on it turned up via a courier.

We will track our intrepid plumber down and present him with his prize.

Public health warnings about lead poisoning can be found through your preferred search engine.




Geoff’s Volcano Art Prize coffee mug.
Geoff’s Volcano Art Prize coffee mug.


Geoff’s Volcano Art Prize coffee mug.
Geoff’s Volcano Art Prize coffee mug.

One thought on “Mug Shot for Tilligerry’s Geoff Davey

  1. Thanks for spreading the word about The LEAD Group charity and our Volcano Art Prize film and photo competition Geoff! Those people drinking water from leaded plumbing (including new brass taps as well as old lead soldered fittings, or rainwater that flows across lead flashing or lead paint on the roof or through a leaded brass water pump) are best to purchase a LEAD Group Water Kit from and follow the lead-safety recommendations which come with the lab results, rather than just rely on flushing which has been shown to not always reduce the lead in the water. Anyone who has been drinking the water at the library or any water that may be leaded, should ask the doc for a blood lead test. Testing for lead is the perfect action to take, especially during next week’s World Health Organisation Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action (22nd to 28th October, 2017).

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