Myall Park Footy Field Vandalised

Wheelies left ugly scars in the turf.

STUPIDITY reigned on the night of Saturday 2 September, as unknown vandals left wheelie skid-mark scars all over Myall Park football field.

First spotted by nearby residents at around 6:30am on Fathers’ Day morning, several witnesses informally placed at least one mud-covered vehicle in the area, and zipping through town close to midnight on Saturday.

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Skid-marks have been located in other areas around town, including at the base of the Singing Bridge in Tea Gardens, which, along with evidence left at the field, should provide official investigators ample material for forensic examination.

Onlookers Sunday morning could not ignore the coincidence of the previous day’s semi-final win by the Tea Gardens Hawks, for whom Myall Park is home field, however, hopefully more information will be made available soon.

Tea Gardens Hawks RLFC executives were floored and appalled to see their team’s main field torn up, fielding scraps of witness information to piece together the incident.

Thankfully, the Hawks RLFC happens to include several landscaping experts.

An effective strategy to rehabilitate the field was already in formulation before midday Sunday, and recovery will be swift.

Though disheartening, especially for locals seeking to use the defaced park for Father’s Day activities, this will not, in any way, shape, nor form, mitigate the Hawks’ preparations for the Grand Final against Clarence Town this coming weekend.

The matter has been reported to the NSW Police, meaning that no public comment is currently available with the investigation under way.

Anyone with any useful information should contact the local police on 4940 7620.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

Neither end of the field was spared.

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