Myall U3A Photography Group explore topic of ‘Opposites’

EACH month the Myall U3A Photography Group selects a photo to be included in News Of The Area.

This month’s photo subject was ‘Opposites’.

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With the subject open to wide interpretation, there were a variety of photos presented.

The selected image was taken by local photographer Jim Semple.

“The items in the picture are part of a collection I have been amassing of Datsun 16oo di cast models both 1;18 and 1;24 scale,” Jim explained.

“I have hot wheels, matchbox and other brands.

“They have been sourced from Japan and England as well as local sales on eBay.

“I have also been able to get plastic model kits as well.

“I have been an owner of Datsun 1600’s in the past and have competed at club level in them as well, hence my interest.”

The photo highlighted multiple opposites; large and small, red and white, front and back.

Jim used a large aperture to create a short depth of field which only brings part of the photo in focus and the rest blurred.

The highway was created using the new Beta AI creative fill feature in Photoshop.

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