Nambucca U3A Fishing For Fun October 2021

Michael displayed his soft lure skills by catching a flathead.


COURSE Coordinator Greg Artlett was pleased with the big roll up of members for the Nambucca U3A Fishing For Fun group this month.

The venue was the riverbank near the Nambucca Heads Island Golf Course.

A great spot but as a matter of courtesy you should always check with the club before fishing here.

Our start time coincided with the change of tide and an overcast sky.

Just like in the fishing manual they started to bite.

A little drizzle came and went, the umbrellas opened and shut and raincoats went on and off but the fishing group stood their ground and were rewarded by a few nice fish.

Bream were the specialty of the day even though the first fish caught was a flathead.

Best bait was mullet for the bream while the flathead took a soft lure.

The November outing is the last for the year which is a good excuse for an early Christmas party.

Any members who have enrolled for the course are welcome to attend at the Valla Lions Reserve.

Remember that the Covid requirement of double vaccination to attend will still apply at that time.




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