Nambucca Valley Bowling Club

Jenny Zirkler form NV Parkinsons’ Support Group accepting our donation from Nerida Blackford.

I KEEP saying we are the “Family Club” and how much we value and try to cater to our local community and the last week has showcased exactly that.

We hold our weekly Wednesday and Friday night raffles and member draws and on Fridays we also host a local community group to sell tickets in the Hundreds Club. They have the chance to raise $100 each time to help towards their club or group expenses, and use the money raised in the work that they do in our community.

This year we have held special nights to help some of our local sporting youths, including Lexie. Last Friday Lexie came down to the Club to show us just some of the awards and medals she has won this year, and to give us her thanks for the support we have given her. She was a worthy recipient of her School Sportsperson of the Year award, and I had the pleasure to read out the description of her year and her achievements across a wide range of sports.
Our Club is proud of Lexie, and we look forward to supporting her in the years to come, and seeing what she can achieve in the sporting field.

We also had a terrific group of volunteers from our Club help Bill Coughlan complete the construction of Stage 1 of our Family Playground area. This is going to be a fantastic asset to our Club’s members and visitors. It will enable family groups to come to a venue with entertainment for the children whilst enjoying great food and drinks.

Our December Mega Raffles let us share the Christmas spirit, with the Club full of people- all in great spirits and hoping to go home a winner. Thank you to Nambucca Heads Butchery, Trisley’s Betta Macksville and Mitre 10 for supporting these raffles. Every third Sunday of the month next year the raffles will continue.

In early December Jenny Zirkler was presented with a cheque for $1100 for Parkinsons Support, from our mixed fundraising day. We are very happy to support such a much needed group who do wonderful work in our local community.

And that only leaves me with the latest bowls results. December 7th was our Laverty’s Sponsored Day, and the results were: Pam James & Karen Liddel 27- Alysa and Teresa Meehan 7; Joan Haigh, Marg Duffus and Elaine Fleming 19- Alma Reid, Rosie Dugdale and Marg Dwarte 20; Sandra Seckold, Chris Davis & Nerida Blackford 22- Arlene Duffus, ? and Fletch 13; and Tina Ryan, Janice Cedelland and Manor Smith 16- Deb Mann, Kerrie Dale & Gloria Richardson 8.

For our last round of play this year, before our Christmas lunch, the results were: Gloria, Marg D, Chris lost 13-16 to Fletch, Teresa, and Sandra; Elaine, Bev and Deb went down 10-24 to Kim, Marg F and Ann Marie; Manor, Karen and Alma lost 11-17 to Ava, Pam and Joan; Nerida, Marg D and Eliza lost 1-23 to Arlene, Janice and Kerrie.

The ladies of NBC have enjoyed a fabulous year, sharing laughs, fun- and sometimes frustration- each week. We enjoy bowls and socialising, and doing our bit to volunteer and help out our club whenever we can. We look forward to a wonderful and successful 2024.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. I hope to see you on the greens or at our club in 2024.


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