Narranga Public School Crowned NSW Softball Champions

Narranga Public School’s softball team has been crowned NSW State Champions in the Primary School Sports Association competition.

NARRANGA Public School secured a thrilling victory to clinch the prestigious Primary School Sports Association (PSSA) Softball NSW State Title at the Blacktown International Sports Ground in Sydney last Thursday.

In a gripping Grand Final showdown, the Narranga side overcame Sunshine Bay Public School (PS) from Batemans Bay to claim the championship.

The journey to triumph was nothing short of a rollercoaster, marked by a comeback in the semi-final and a poised performance under pressure in the final.

The day commenced with the Narranga Crows engaging in catching practice at 8:30 am, proving pivotal as events unfolded.

Facing off against Calare Public School from Orange in the semi-final, the Crows found themselves trailing 4-3 after the first innings, courtesy of a formidable speedster pitcher from the opposing team.

However, the pitcher-catcher synergy of Blessing Nebo and Linsiarna Charles-Buchanan gradually clicked into place, leading to a surge in strikes.

Sierra Bugden’s safe hands on first base, aided by outstanding teamwork from the fielders, thwarted Calare’s attempts to advance bases.

With Jaida Wigley consistently driving line balls and Summer Adams adeptly selecting pitches, Narranga surged to an impressive 18-6 victory.

In the Grand Final clash against Sunshine Bay PS, the stakes were high as both teams battled fiercely on the same diamond used in the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

The score was deadlocked at 4-4 after the first innings, keeping the outcome on a knife’s edge.

Sunshine Bay intensified the pressure, loading the bases and unleashing a powerful hit deep into the outfield.

A pivotal moment occurred when Summer Adams, positioned in the outfield, chased down the ball and delivered a precision throw to Olivia Holmes.

Olivia, in turn, relayed the ball to Linsiarna, executing a flawless tag-out of two opponents and putting a halt to Sunshine Bay’s scoring run and ending their innings.

The Narranga fielders – including Chloe Jozwiak, Grace Rawson, Hannah Beattie and Isla Swarbrick – showcased outstanding skills which tightened their grip on the match.

As the umpire called time, jubilation erupted among the Narranga Crows, capping off a year of rigorous training leading up to this defining moment.

Coaches Miss Wilson and Mrs Dodd led the celebrations with pride.

Amidst the cheers, Miss Wilson exclaimed, “The coaching team swells with pride, acknowledging the unwavering effort, enthusiasm, positive attitude, and skill exhibited by the girls throughout the season.

“Thank you to the team reserves (Annah and Ruby), scorers, parents, Hannah (Clift-Wilson), and community members for supporting the team throughout the year!

“Congratulations Narranga and go the Crows!” chanted Miss Wilson.


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