National Asbestos Awareness week encourages homeowners to ‘Think Twice About Asbestos’


HOME renovators and tradies are reminded asbestos is still found in homes across the Myall Coast and precautions should be taken when dealing with it.

This year’s National Asbestos Awareness Week (22-28 November) campaign asked us all to ‘Think Twice About Asbestos’.

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Asbestos can be anywhere in homes built before 1990, according to MidCoast Council’s Director of Liveable Communities, Paul De Szell.

“This affects one in three homes nationwide.”

Breathing in dust containing asbestos fibres can cause asbestosis and lung cancers.

This year’s campaign highlights the most common areas where asbestos can be found.

“The best advice is to seek help to locate, manage or remove asbestos.

“A licensed asbestos professional knows all the SafeWork NSW and NSW EPA requirements.

“Removing and disposing of asbestos must be in a safe manner.

“This is for the safety and wellbeing of staff and the community,” Mr De Szell said.

Asbestos can only be disposed of at a specially licensed waste facility.

In the MidCoast these are at the Gloucester, Stroud and Taree Waste Management Centres.

“It is illegal to dispose of asbestos waste in domestic garbage bins.

“It is also illegal to reuse, recycle or illegally dump asbestos products,” added Mr De Szell.

To dispose of asbestos at a MidCoast Council Waste Management Centre approval is required. Applications for disposal need to be made at least 24 hours prior to allow for approval to be given.

To find out more about safely disposing of asbestos on the MidCoast go to

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