Nelson Bay Bridge Club Celebrates 20th Anniversary at West Diggers RSL

Robyn Geale, Linda Hulme, Elizabeth Chapman. Photo by Darcy Geale
Robyn Geale, Linda Hulme, Elizabeth Chapman. Photo by Darcy Geale


NELSON Bay’s WESTS Diggers RSL Social Bridge Club recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with a Roaring Twenties themed function.

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Around 80 past and present members attended to join in with the celebrations.

When Founding President Ron Young moved to Nelson Bay in 1996, the only Bridge club in the area was the Australian Bridge Federation affiliated Nelson Bay Bridge Club.

Ron identified a need for Bridge players to enjoy their game in a less formal environment and to open the game up to others in the area who may wish to learn.

Ron approached the RSL Club, finding that they were willing and pleased to sponsor a new intra-club for Bridge.

To Ron’s surprise, over a hundred people came to the initial meeting.

The Club was born.

During an address at the anniversary last week,  Ron reminded everyone of the original golden rule: “No person will say or do anything which will cause another person to be uncomfortable.”

The club still operates under this motto.

Current President, Neil Van Oosterom, told News Of The Area: “Bridge is a mentally stimulating game and many elderly people credit Bridge with keeping their mind sharp.”

“It’s especially good for those who are unable to be physically active.”

There are currently about 100 people in the club, including a 100-year-old member.

All ages are welcome.

The club meets on Mondays at 6.30pm, Thursday at 12.30pm and Saturday at 12.30pm.

The sessions typically last for three to three-and-a-half hours.

It’s a very social club and some members go for a drink afterwards.

If anyone is interested in playing or learning how to play Bridge in a relaxed environment, Diggers Social Bridge Club is a great way to start.

Any interested people can contact Linda on 0417 975 053.



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