New to the Chamber of Commerce

ICE CREAM SHACK WORKERS: Brooke, Jayden, James, Bradley, Polly, Mack.
ICE CREAM SHACK WORKERS: Brooke, Jayden, James, Bradley, Polly, Mack.

The Myall Chamber of Commerce and Tourism kicks off 2017 with a new look team.

Jessica Harris from Lazy Paddles takes over from Mark McCormack as President.

IGA Hawks Nest
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Jessica with husband Darren and young daughter Isla moved from Sydney a few years back in what could only be described as a total sea change.

The couple left behind stressful jobs, Jessica as a cancer research doctor, Darren an IT specialist, opting for a beautiful place to live and work.

Glenda Reid, owner of the Tea Gardens Ice Cream Shack is the new Secretary.

Glenda previously worked as a registered nurse and midwife, before taking over the “Shack” last year because retirement was just too boring.

“I’ve always loved the Ice Cream Shack, it’s just a new phase of my life.”

Glenda, now works most days of the week but says she couldn’t do it without her offsiders Bec and Les and the 22 casual staff she employs.

She’s also passionate about her community, and an active sponsor of the local junior football teams and Nippers.

“It’s all about the kids,” Glenda said.

The new Chamber team are ready and set for a productive and busy year ahead for the area.



One thought on “New to the Chamber of Commerce

  1. That useless Nelson Bay – Tea Gardens ferry service operator is costing your businesses money. 4 of us would have come over for lunch, swim, wander into Hawks Nest today, but the operator decided he wasn’t going to run the 5pm return ferry from TG, despite advertising it. How many other people have not made the day trip across bec ferry operator doesn’t care now he has a monopoly? How much revenue is being lost to businesses on the nth side of the bay?

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