New study reveals that 80 percent of NSW Farmers have been targeted by criminals


IN a new study by the University of New England, it has been revealed that 80 per cent of New South Wales farmers have reported being targeted by criminals.

It has been reported that between 2015 and 2020 over $22.5 million worth of livestock, including cattle and sheep have been stolen across regional New South Wales, with an estimated $60 million lost in animal by-products and breeding potential.

The survey of 552 farms from a vast geographical spread across New South Wales has also displayed shocking statistics of victimisation with 23.3 percent of farmers experiencing any time of farm crime more than seven times, and 76.8 percent experiencing farm crime more than twice.

Crime Stoppers New South Wales CEO, Peter Price said, “We are drawing the line on regional crime.

“The people who live in our regional and remote communities around New South Wales have had a really tough time for the last few years.

“They’ve had to deal with drought, flood, COVID-19 and everything else that can be thrown at them.

“They don’t need to be dealing with extra adversity around theft.”

Dr Kyle Mulrooney, University of New England Centre of Rural Criminology co-director commented, “One of the shocking statistics we found is repeat victimisation, which can vary from trespass or theft, to gates being run down.”

In regards to the results of the study Dr Mulrooney said, “We have information to target farm crime generally.

“It will help police make the case that rural crime is a serious problem and farmers are being victimised at high rates.”



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