Staying safe as a senior in the community


DENIS Clifford, Assistant commissioner, New South Wales Police Force spokesperson for vulnerable communities is urging seniors to stay safe and protect themselves as crimes against seniors is at a high.

“To be safe from crime and violence is a fundamental right for everyone in our community.

“As we grow older, several factors can impact on our confidence and quality of life, so by taking a few extra precautions and by being prepared when a risk is identified can go a long way to improving the feeling of safety when you’re out in public spaces or at home,” said Assistant Commissioner Denis Clifford.

The New South Wales Police supported by the NSW Government Department of Justice provided the following recommendations.

When leaving the house:

‘Always be alert when travelling on public transport. Sit at the front of the bus and always try to travel in groups of friends if possible.

‘Never carry large sums of money in public.

‘Always carry identification and let someone know when you’re going out and what time you are expected to be home.’

When at home:

‘Never let anyone you don’t know or don’t trust inside your house.

‘Always secure doors and windows and don’t leave valuables, mobile devices or keys in your home or vehicle in clear view.

‘Report suspicious behaviour within your neighbourhood to police.’

To protect yourself online:

‘Be careful when you’re sharing personal or financial information such as drivers licence details or date of birth over the telephone or online.

‘Never access emails from senders you don’t know or trust.

‘Always read any contract or service paperwork carefully prior to paying for any work.’

If you, or someone you know is a victim of any form of abuse, call the elder abuse helpline 1800 628 221.

For more information on staying safe head to the NSW Police Force website at



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