News Of The Area NRL Grand Final tickets for tipping competition

Gary Howlett from Nelson Bay, winner of last years, News Of The Area NRL Tipping Comp.
Gary Howlett from Nelson Bay, winner of last years, News Of The Area NRL Tipping Comp.

IT is with great sadness to report the already well known fact that NSW have again lost the annual NRL State of Origin series, falling short of victory against QLD on Wednesday June 22 by losing 26-16 to a gutsy Maroon outfit.

I’m personally not a massive NRL fan, I’m certainly not a ‘one eyed’ particular team supporter or anything like that, but what I do enjoy about Origin is the comical banter that has become so popular amongst mates from different States.

Social Media platforms like Facebook ‘light up’ with often hilarious Memes depicting each States residents and players alleged ‘inadequacies’ in life.

Football aside, it’s a time to reflect and have a laugh at ourselves and forget about the seriousness that life often throws at us.

With the Origin now decided and heading towards a rather uninspiring third game in a few weeks, it’s getting down to the nitty gritty end of the regular season, and where most die hard ‘Tipsters’ really start crunching the numbers and stats to ensure they gain as many points they can with each regular round of NRL Games.

News Of The Area launched their popular NRL Tipping Competition at the start of the season, and despite my best efforts, I am currently ranked 27th out of the 42 participants in this years competition, with a total of 70 points.

The current leader on 79 points is ‘Ali 5’ who I’m guessing is not ready to start gloating, as just one point away is ‘AlexV’ on 78 points, closely followed by ‘9 OClock’ and ‘Dragonlover 1 Stanley’ who are each sharing 77 points.

Gary Howlett who won the 2015 News Of The Area Tipping Compwas tremendously excited when he received tickets to the 2015 Grand Final.

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Mr Howlett said, “I just can’t seem to find the same form with tipping compared to last year.”

“I’m still in contention this year though. I’m always looking at the results and statistics like I did last year but it’s been a bit harder.”

“I’m currently sitting in 26th position on 70 points and with only a few weeks to go I better improve quickly to retain my title as top tipster.” he told News Of The Area.

The winner of this years tipping comp will again receive two ticket to the NRL Grand Final, courtesy of your local News Of The Area (Modern Media delivering Community News).


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