A night of whimsical shopping on Nelson Bay Foreshore

Sacred Tree Markets on the Nelson Bay Foreshore. Photo by: Jewell Drury
Sacred Tree Markets on the Nelson Bay Foreshore. Photo by: Jewell Drury

There’s just something about a night market, a romance, an ambience, it seems to put a whimsical glow in the very atmosphere.

It’s nearly that time again where you can experience a night market right in the heart of Nelson Bay.

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Sacred Tree Markets have a deep and evolving commitment to co-creating an environmentally and ethically sustainable future.

They believe in compassionate fashion, and in sustainable manufacture and trade, where every person, their beliefs and their values are honored.

Their aim to achieve this is through the creation of a high quality, holistic, culturally significant event focused on showcasing art, design, produce and talent.

Their commitment is to the ongoing creation of an inspiring event created around the principles of peace, unconditional love, compassion and service.

“Sacred Tree Market is an event built on the premise that when people see beauty in those around them, it causes beautiful things to happen,” Ganga Ma Co -Founder and Manager of Sacred Tree Markets, told Bay News Of The Area.

Established on invitation from the Nelson Bay community, The Sacred Tree Markets was launched on Nelson Bay’s foreshore & D’Albora Marina on December 11, 2015.

The event is created around the premise of artists, designers, growers, makers and healers consciously gathering to create a beautiful, inspirational and uplifting event.

The event was run on a trial period on a basis of three boutique events.

On each of these occasions it proved a great success with over 5000 people visiting.

The Sacred Tree Markets will be returning to the Nelson Bay foreshore on Friday night, December 9 and December 30.

Every Friday night through January beginning January 6, the Sacred Tree Markets will continue to bring an indie flair to Nelson Bay.

You can contact Sacred Tree Markets through their Facebook or Instagram Pages.

By Jewell DRURY

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