Nominations have opened for Sawtellians of the Year

In March 2022, the community gathered to hear the Sawtellian and Young Sawtellian of the Year announced.

NOMINATIONS are now open for the two categories of Sawtellian of the Year 2023 for their contribution to Sawtell in 2022.

“Be sure to give your nominee a good resume and reference because what you write has to convince the judges of who should receive the awards,” Organising Committee Chairperson Keith Bensley told News Of The Area.

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Covering all preferences, the organisers offer several ways for you to make your nomination.

For those preferring to ponder over a piece of paper to register their nomination, they can download the form from the website and email it to or send an email and Keith will email you a nomination form.

Judging is by secret ballot.

Sawtellian of the Year has been running for many years, and is awarded at noon on New Year’s Day at the Centre Stage of the Sawtell Super Fund Day.

This will be the third year recognising a young person, bestowing the title of Young Sawtellian of the Year on someone who has made a real difference specifically to Sawtell and its community.

“This was introduced in 2021 to mark the 101st Sawtell Fun Day in recognition of our young achievers,” said Keith.

Anyone up to the age of 18 as at 31 December 2022 who has made a significant contribution to the Sawtell community is eligible for nomination.

Last year’s winners were Ton Huybregts for many years’ service to the community and Joe Clarke for his contribution to lawn bowls.

Keith said any person, club, school or organisation can nominate up to two persons they consider are worthy of recognition.

Nominations can be one for each category or two for any one category, but the nominee’s contribution must relate to the community of Sawtell.

Any questions, give Keith a call on 0438 269 210.

Nominations close on 30 November 2022.

See website for more details and conditions of nomination.

The Sawtell Super Fund Day is held on the Village Green at Sawtell Beach Holiday Park on New Year’s Day.


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