November Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest Progress Report

The park area around the community hall has been beautified.


EASING of Covid restrictions allowed us to hold a Progress Association (PA) committee meeting and a Myall River Action Group update over the past month and both groups covered substantial grounds.

The PA is concerned of the inaccessibility of a 24-hour defibrillator, together with the increasing demand on the Ambulance Service.

Whilst there are a number of defibrillators on hand in this community, there is no 24-hour access and to be effective, application is needed within a 15 minute time frame.

Remember, we are the oldest average age community in Australia.

The PA has formed a sub- committee to address the project and has arranged a group called the Community Defib Project to address this community at the AGM in December.

The presentation is offered to all, not just PA members, so please come along.

The meeting will be held on Monday 6 December, venue still to be confirmed due Covid restrictions.

The Association will be conducting its AGM on that night and will call for nominees for the new committee.

A number of long serving members have indicated they will retire and hope to be replaced with a new group.

Such change is a sign of a healthy Association as it will provide new direction as well as pursuing unfinished business and we strongly urge any of this community, who believe they can contribute to put their hand up.

We would like to register our thanks and awe to the very talented ladies of our community. |We reported last month on the mural and pole paintings done by our artists, this time it is congratulations to the ladies who have beautified the park area around the Community Hall.

The group, headed by Kath Verdon are now reaping their rewards in the spring flowering of their plantings.

With the approaching holiday season, we can expect greater numbers of visitors to our region and we are disappointed to advise that several projects will not be in place to cater for the influx.

· The request for flashing warning lights at the M1 turn off into Myall Way has been with Transport NSW for some time and our State MP Kate Washington has now received the following response.

“We have a project funded under the Federal Stimulus Program for safety improvements at this intersection.

“Part of the project will include provision of southbound electronic warning signposting on the Pacific Highway which will be completed by end June 2022, weather permitting.”

Kate has responded with the reminder to have the warnings facing both north and south and that a busy holiday season is almost upon us.

It seems that Transport for NSW runs at lightning speed.

· The new boat ramp at Apex Park, Tea Gardens is still in the design and grant stage.

Once that is achieved, it then needs community approval, followed by tender, then the myriad Government agencies’ approvals.

Bureaucracy continues to be alive and well, but with some luck we may see completion by the end of 2022.

Leon Katz’ drone shots of the natural entrance to the Lower Myall, show an increase in sand movement across the channel and has resulted in restriction of vessels using the access.

Council has budgeted on a 5-year dredging cycle, based on sand renourishment needs for Jimmys Beach.

It is our contention that this should be on a 3-year cycle and that the entrance profile should follow the natural channel, known as Myall Point and which nature is trying to rebuild.

Discussions are to be held and a motion will be lodged on Council by Councillor Roberts.

A reminder that Council elections are to be held on Saturday December 4.

Voting is compulsory.

Our long term Councillor, Len Roberts, has indicated he will saddle up again, together with locals Jessica Harris on a Greens ticket, Sandra Bourke with the Epov team and Jannelle Mathews.

Remember, we represent only 5% of the MidCoast Council and that local representation is a must to avoid domination of the Shire by the larger towns.




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