NSW Farmers can’t have it both ways

DEAR News of the Area,

The statements by departing NSW Farmers’ president James Jackson are confusing and contradictory.

On the one hand he calls for greater levels of government support for farmers, but also wants government to “get out of the way”.

Is he asking for funding without transparency and accountability?

He also calls for greater government involvement in biosecurity, but that comes with dreaded “red tape”.

For example, in NSW only cattle are individually traceable.

To strengthen defences against diseases such as foot and mouth, this should be extended to sheep, pigs and goats, as already operates in Victoria.

It is an impost of bureaucracy but also invaluable insurance if FMD does arrive in Australia.

Most Australians willingly support farmers through our taxes but if there’s no accountability and no demonstrable national benefit, then it’s just pork barrelling.


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