NSW road workers to strike for the first time in decades

ROAD workers, construction crews and other Transport for NSW workers will walk off the job for the first time in decades on Thursday, over what The Australian Workers’ Union describe as the “NSW Government’s effective pay cut”.

The Union say workers are outraged by a pay offer they believe would represent a significant step backward in living standards.

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Transport for NSW workers will down tools at 6am Thursday and not resume work again until 6am Friday.

The workers, spread across 69 depots throughout the state, will gather outside the front gates of major depots at 9am, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge depot and Civic Park in Newcastle.

The Australian Workers’ Union, which represents the striking workers, has committed to supporting ongoing industrial action until change is achieved.

“These men and women worked tirelessly to keep our state moving during recent bushfires and flood catastrophes,” AWU NSW Branch Organiser Cameron Wright said.

“During the pandemic they put on their work gear and went out into an uncertain world while the rest of us were locked down.

“And now Dom Perrottet wants to tell them all to cop a pay cut. It’s just not going to fly.

“The Premier likes to talk about his ‘three per cent’ wage increase offer, but in reality it’s 2.5, because he’s counting the mandated increase in superannuation.

“So with inflation running at over five percent, the average road worker is being told to feed their family with significantly less.

“These workers don’t take industrial action lightly – in fact they haven’t been on strike in a generation.

“But you can only be pushed so far and this state government has done that pushing.

“If Dom Perrottet and his government doesn’t return to the negotiating table in a more reasonable state of mind there’s going to be a lot more days like today.”

Unions have given TfNSW management a commitment members will make themselves available to respond to genuine emergency situations to keep the general public safe given recent weather events.

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