NSW SES Port Stephens Unit completes Intensive Large Animal Rescue Operation course

SES members training to safely rescue large animals from various challenging situations.

IN a demonstration of their commitment to enhancing their emergency response capabilities, the Port Stephens Unit of the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) completed a rigorous Large Animal Rescue Operation (LARO) course over the weekend.

The course, held over two days, aimed to equip SES members with essential skills and techniques for effectively managing animal rescue operations.

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As part of the training, participants had the opportunity to work with a prop horse, simulating real-life scenarios involving animals in distress.

One of the key focuses of the course was teaching participants how to safely rescue large animals from various challenging situations.

This included scenarios such as freeing an animal stuck in mud along a riverbank and learning how to gently and securely roll over a large animal to ensure its safety.

“We believe that every emergency response team should be prepared to handle a diverse range of situations, and that includes scenarios involving animals,” said course instructor David King.

“These skills not only contribute to the welfare of the animals but also ensure the safety of our responders.”

All 14 participants who undertook the training successfully completed the course, showcasing their dedication to mastering these crucial skills.

These newly acquired abilities are expected to significantly bolster the unit’s ability to respond effectively to incidents involving animals, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive emergency response.

David Douglas, Unit Commander, NSW State Emergency Service told News Of The Area, “In my role as Unit Commander, witnessing our volunteers conquer the challenges of Large Animal Rescue Training (LARO) fills me with immense pride.

“The comprehensive skills they’ve acquired to handle situations involving large animals are a testament to their unwavering dedication.

“Equipped with this expertise, our team stands stronger and more prepared than ever to effectively respond to a diverse range of emergencies.”


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