‘On the couch’ with Jasminda


DEAR Jasminda,

IS it wrong that I just don’t feel like putting up Christmas decorations this year?

It has been such a weird 12 months and the thought of dragging out the Christmas tree is just too much. I really can’t be bothered.

Laurie N.

Dear Laurie,
It seems that people fall broadly into two camps at Christmas time.

There are the Christmas zealots who post daily updates of their Elf on a Shelf, have all presents wrapped and under the tree by mid-November, annoy their neighbours with their glowing reindeers and epilepsy-inducing lights, and spend hours decorating their festive faux-snow tree covered with enough plastic to choke a bale of turtles (if nothing else, I have now discovered the collective noun for turtles, so this query has been worthwhile).

Then there are those who cut a branch from the most Christmasy-looking tree in their yard and plonk it in a bucket of water, make a batch of rumballs, do a last-minute shop that they abandon due to whinging kids, and watch Love Actually so they can cry over the blatant sexism and misogyny, yet still enjoy Hugh Grant’s goofy dance moves.

I possibly don’t need to clarify which of the two groups I fall into, Laurie.

And I think you do too.

Perhaps this year you could consider a themed Christmas to get you in the mood.

You could, for example, go for a plastic-free Christmas and adorn your tree with dried orange segments, cinnamon sticks and pinecones.

Or maybe a pandemic-themed Christmas with a tree decorated with hand-made coronavirus balls, Delta-blue tinsel, and a tinfoil hat instead of a star.

I really think, whatever you do, make it a special day for you, Laurie, and try not to be weighed down by expectation.

Carpe diem, Jasminda.

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