OPINION: A plan to solve Cowper’s housing crisis

DEAR News Of The Area,

MY suggestion for attending to this housing ‘crisis’ is for the government – all ‘levels’ – to purchase all available houses and units (there are over 1000 at present in Cowper) and make them available for rent to their employees – teachers, medicos, police – at 20 percent of net salary. “

While they are at it, put solar panels on them and add a battery.

And a water tank.

And a bike path to the nearest school.

Sure beats a summit!

Our representative in federal parliament, a member of a minority ‘party’ or ‘mob’, invites contribution to their social media publications but when they are challenged or criticised they respond by blocking their constituents.

Their recent ‘newsletter’ devoted the back page to the member’s ‘beliefs’ about energy.

They were wrong.

David BOOTH,

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