OPINION: Another nail in the coffin – Lot 45 Valla Beach

DEAR News Of The Area,

LOT 45 is a small block of land granted to the community by the original planners, a preserved public green space.

This small parcel is precious because it is a wildlife corridor between the protected littoral rainforest of Valla Nature Reserve to land west and wetlands south.

Corridors are vital for healthy wildlife.

The village is situated between two Nature Reserves which are losing biodiversity and South Valla already has a huge housing development which interferes with fauna mobility.

Nambucca Valley Council have disrespected the views of the community so clearly expressed in petitions and meetings by reclassifying the land.

All for the sake of two houses, when there are 40 new blocks close by and so much will be lost.

My house faces a Koala sign, which is a joke.

In twelve years, I have seen one Koala, and that was in South Valla.

This council refused to support the Great Koala National Park initiative and supports continuing forestry operations in Koala habit.

And as we all know – Koalas are now officially ENDANGERED in this State.

The NSW State of the Environment 2021 report, released in February, is a sobering and depressing document.

Land clearing in NSW has tripled over the past decade!

And the Australia State of the Environment Report 2021, released in July (six months after the coalition received it), again shocking reading.

All levels of government have a responsibility to our future, to conserve what is left when so much is vanishing everyday.

Valla Beach.

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