OPINION – Coffs new monument being built on a mess

DEAR News Of The Area,

ANN Deans has voiced the opinion of all Coffs Harbour residents and ratepayers.

She is absolutely correct on all counts in relation to cultural and civic space – it’s ugly, in a bad position, with no parking and has put the ratepayers in a dire position of ongoing rate rises.

We have to pay for this unnecessary monstrosity regardless of us all being against it from the beginning.

An ongoing result of this is that necessary services are being cut around the town – by the present manager.

They’re trying to cut corners, but unfortunately the wrong ones.

Example – we now have no weekend cleanup in most places – the jetty, skateparks and other general areas.

The weekend is one of the busiest times for people to be out and about – making a mess – which is not being cleaned up until Monday morning.

The town is an absolute disaster – public toilets included.

Come on manager, wake up.

Deduct this huge overspend from somewhere else, oh yes, the final spend being $150,000,000, so much more than the ridiculous $80,000,000 that had been projected.

Of course there was no contingency plan to cover the final cost, but our lowly community knew it was bound to blow
out, which was another reason for not wanting it.

Not needed, not wanted, and now we all have to pay – thanks Coffs Harbour Council.

The mayor was lucky she got out in time wasn’t she, leaving the other councillors accountable?

Everybody check your rates!

Coffs Harbour.

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