OPINION: Conaghan’s contrary opinions on climate change


DEAR News Of The Area,

YOUR front page (Climate Questions, NOTA, p1 October 15 Edition) revealed Federal parliamentarian Pat Conaghan’s attitude to climate change.

Ten out of ten for two contrary opinions Mr Conaghan.

A summary!

He does believe in climate change, but thinks we shouldn’t do anything about it.

This shows the mindset of a diehard sceptic.

Action and remediation, can be denied by assuming a moral position.

His argument?

Action would affect the poor.

The coal and gas lobbies shed tears for the wretched of the earth.

It’s reflected in the election funds they give to political parties.

Is Mr Conaghan aware of Coffs Harbour’s fate if there’s inaction?

The town barely sits above sea level.

Over the last thirty years, to the surprise of long term locals, Coffs Harbour’s inundations have pointed to the future and the future is here.

Shake up your response Mr Conaghan.

Your electorate over the decades will be permanently wet and unliveable.


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