OPINION: Cyclists treated with contempt

DEAR News Of The Area,

CYCLISTS in Coffs Coast are persistently treated with contempt by our council.

For many years cycle lanes on Sawtell Road have been in an appalling state with potholes, widths that vary from wide to non-existent and a range of stones, rubble and sometimes glass covering them.

To add to the challenges for cyclists, strong winds have made sections of Sawtell Road and Pine Creek Way cycle lanes inaccessible as they are covered in large branches and debris.

Surely it would be a much more effective use of resources to have the street sweeping trucks that weave in and out parked cars in suburban streets with very limited impact, clearing the cycle ways on roads and the cycle paths?

The current support given for cycling in the area does not demonstrate a commitment from the council to encourage people to leave cars at home or to engage in an active lifestyle, both of which should be a community priority.


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