OPINION: Dire situation for Myall River and Lakes

DEAR News Of The Area,

THOMAS O’Keefe’s frontpage story last week definitely illustrates the dire situation this community is facing in the lack of direct action from our leaders.

The sand build up from Corrie to Tea Gardens is increasing and the ferry businesses are reporting daily grounding.

They estimate the access to Tea Gardens will be an impossibility in the New Year.

Already we are told they are looking to strengthen their businesses by seeking outside charters.

The ferry business alone averages 1500 passengers a week, with an average expenditure of $75.

Then we have the river and lakes who attract many visitors, daily or weekly who rely on safe access.

Now we have the owners of house boats etc who rely on the river to access the slipway in Tea Gardens.

Then we face the fact that after a history of timber/fishing, we now have a reliance on tourism – we are facing the possibility of that loss.

The Chamber of Commerce estimate that business to represent almost one million bed
nights and local expenditure of $60 million.

It seems incongruous that our representations seem to go nowhere.

We hear of dredging campaigns at Swansea/Ettalong and Forster, but seems we are hung

out to dry.

Maybe it is time for this community, residents and business owners to state their opinions and let the powers that be, know that immediate action is required.

Tea Gardens.

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