OPINION: Educate yourself on Referendum question

DEAR News Of The Area,

THE referendum is required to alter the Constitution and the proposal is to add one clause, Clause 129.

Since the government initiated this issue I have constantly asked people whether they have read and understood Clause 129, the clause they will be voting to include.

The response I get is constantly negative even though the wording has been in the public arena for some weeks now.

How can people vote on a change when they have not even read the clause proposed?

Seems to me people are simply not properly educating themselves on the issue.

Proposed Clause 129 does not define how the special body will be elected.

Will it require people to identify as a separate race in order to qualify for a vote to elect this special body?

How will these elections be run?

So much money is being spent but it appears not enough to sort the detail out first.


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