OPINION: Electing a government

DEAR News Of The Area,

WE’RE not voting for a representative for Coffs so much as voting in a government to run the state.

However locally the costly fiasco of the boat ramp precinct which has surpassed its $15 million budget and continues only to provide long term employment for truck drivers hauling dredged sand from the entrance has no end in sight.

The stage two of this project has been no better with the haphazard destruction of vegetation that could have been avoided.

What chaos will result with the rest of the jetty foreshores is a scary thought if they’re let loose with a profit driven pro development philosophy as their guide.

The pork barreling ministers, the reduction of health worker numbers, thousands of unfilled public school teacher positions and front line services reduced, this administration has gotten lazy and complacent.

We now need a Coffs representative who’s got a seat in a new government rather than someone scattering bits of shiny glitter to distract us.

Peter LEWIS,
Park Beach.

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