OPINION: Energy Disaster

DEAR News Of The Area,

WHY do I keep seeing reports from world recognised scientific bodies detailing the hottest, coldest, driest, wettest weather on record, both statistically and geologically?

Why do I keep hearing about the loss or degradation of our ice, the inundation of Pacific Nations, the warming and increasing acidity of our oceans?

My lifetime is but a blip in time but I can perceive that the weather is changing and disastrous events are greater and more prevalent than when I was younger.

Ken Mitchell’s (NOTA, 30 October) assertion that ‘Not one, zero, zip’ is a comprehensive denial, but, is it sustainable?

We live on a planet with abundant resources which we have used and exploited irrespective of the consequences and by Ken’s assertion we should continue to do so – either until their total depletion or the consequences catch up with us.

Is that sustainable?

Maybe in his lifetime!

Coffs Coast.

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